Watch some testimonials from young people, musicleaders and studio guests

Robyn Collett (18)

Music Fusion gave me opportunities and a reason to live!
They gave me the chance to do something that means everything to me! And most of all they gave me a family.

Eleanor Gladman (16)

When I joined music fusion I had no confidence. No real friends and a terrible relationship with both my dad and my own emotions.
Music Fusion bought me back from my brink time and time again telling me it was okay to be scared but helping me to be strong. It has given me a purpose and allowed me to grow into myself.
I have been blessed with an amazing musical family and a can never thank anyone enough for what I have been given. I can truthfully say Music Fusion is the reason I'm still here.
It's something that keeps me going knowing each week. I get to go to my second home and make music with the people I love.

Marc Smith (Local business owner)

I think the engagement from the people it helps with the local business is fantastic, most charities you just donate to and don't get to see the results.
I love it when I see your guys perform.

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