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In these times of spending cuts it is always charities and the less fortunate that are hit first.
A regular donation to music fusion can help keep our facilities open and in working order so the young people we support can keep making the music they love.

Watch some testimonials from young people, musicleaders and studio guests

Read what our young people, parents, guardians, and partners say about Music Fusion

Robyn Collett (18)

Music fusion gave me opportunities and a reason to live!
They gave me the chance to do something that means everything to me! And most of all they gave me a family

Eleanor Gladman (16)

When I joined music fusion I had no confidence. No real friends and a terrible relationship with both my dad and my own emotions.
Music Fusion bought me back from my brink time and time again telling me it was okay to be scared but helping me to be strong. It has given me a purpose and allowed me to grow into myself.
I have been blessed with an amazing musical family and a can never thank anyone enough for what I have been given. I can truthfully say music fusion is the reason I'm still here.
It's something that keeps me going knowing each week. I get to go to my second home and make music with the people I love.

Marc Smith (Local business owner)

I think the engagement from the people it helps with the local business is fantastic, most charities you just donate to and don't get to see the results.
I love it when I see your guys perform.

K Stve Nash (19)

They engage with younger generation and allow the younger generation sometimes more troubled to engage with the older generation no matter what you’ve been through.
There always a place for you at music fusion the people are amazing and it’s all one big family creating music problem solving and making your life 10 times better than it was.

Jackie Jones (Trustee)

Music Fusion are unsung heroes as far as I am concerned!
Jinx and his team work so hard to help as many youngsters as possible; so many of them have changed their lives thru music, expressing themselves and their lives thru song.
Everyone who sleeps soundly at night in warmth and comfort should take a minute out of there day to listen to what goes on for those less fortunate.
I have had the privilege to work with Jinx and Music Fusion to help raise vital funding which doesn’t come easily to lesser known charities.
Check out the awards Jinx has won with the kids and on it goes. A struggle every year to keep things going.
Music Fusion deserves a medal or much wider recognition alongside their inspirational youngsters.

Caroline Dejorey (Parent)

I think what also strikes me is not only what the young people learn/gain from music fusion in the moment -
it's the confidence with which they go forwards into adulthood with the positive life lessons it teaches.

Eleanor Woodcock (14)

Rockschool made my confidence grow to the point where I feel free to express myself, no matter who the hell is watching.
It's so exciting to see the creations of me and the others at Infinity Sessions become reality.
I feel like part of their family despite only having been there for less than a year. Having no outside friends makes that pretty important.
There's been so many moments at Music Fusion where I've thought I was experiencing the best feeling in the world, only to discover that it's possible to feel even better:
first time singing at Rockschool, first day at Infinity Sessions, first time performing to an audience, the Rockschool gig.
It's incredible knowing that even better feelings and experiences are on their way!

Samantha Clayton (Parent)

You work directly with the children and can see the progress each child makes xx
it's not just money being made and passed on to relevant people it's a direct link with the children who need the help xx

Jenni Few (25)

Make you feel like you’re in something like a family and let everyone have their say in how things go and give choices and opportunities many other charities can't xxx

Mick Cheshire (Parent)

Tell them to come along to a session and ask the people and see what goes on

Craig Pinkney (Partner)

The core values at MF enable the young person to feel empowered, it gives then confidence within to express emotions.
Mentors take that confidence & help the young person make sense of it all, that’s when the magic happens.
2 years with Josh MC & MF have shown me that & I’ve worked in social care for 25yrs xxx

Nicola Chambers-Tuffs (Parent)

Very relaxed. Very professional staff. Kids are not judged AT ALL so that makes it a very welcoming environment.

Donations to Music Fusion will be used...

To maintain our musical equipment and facilities at the East Street Studio

Deliver appropriate and safe music sessions to young people in our community

Offer progression opportunities such as recording, rehearsing, performing and volunteering

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Your help makes a difference

How else can I help?

We can always use equipment and instruments, both for our own facilities and to give to young people so that they can practice on their own time in their own homes.

We are always looking for talented and enthusiastic individuals who are prepared to give up their time to help fundraise for Music Fusion.

Music Fusion are looking for sponsors. Can your business help?

500 for your logo on our studio wall for 12 months. This will access 1000+ young people directly.
We live stream videos from our studio accessing up to 5,000 people a month.

1000 for logo on studio wall for 12 months + across all our online marketing / social media accessing up to 35,000 people a month.

5000 for priority placement of a large logo on studio wall for 12 months + across all our online marketing / hard copy / events and email footers.
We will send out a press release to raise awareness of the sponsorship. We will promote your company at a range of networking events.
We aim to access up to 100,000 local people via this sponsorship package.

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