Music Fusion is more than just a music charity

We provide a safe, friendly, creative space for young people to connect, socialise and make great music

We inspire our young people to use their music as a platform for positive social action




Lauren Whincop - Assistant Team Manager (Hampshire Youth Offending team)
Jinx, Mike and the Music Fusion team have been willing to work with some of the most complex young people open to our service. I have been regularly astounded by the young people that have found working with traditional agencies very difficult have been very motivated and happy to attend Music Fusion on a regular basis.

Eleanor - young person
Everybody at the organisation is absolutely lovely. You never feel unwelcome and before long your confidence and skill will be as high as a kite.

Jenni - young person
Music Fusion is my family. I’ve never felt so at home before. The staff, the people, the atmosphere, everything just all comes together and becomes amazing.

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