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Listen to our young people talk about Music Fusion


Lauren Whincop - Assistant Team Manager (Hampshire Youth Offending Team)
'Jinx, Mike and the Music Fusion team have been willing to work with some of the most complex young people open to our service. I have been regularly astounded by the young people that have found working with traditional agencies very difficult have been very motivated and happy to attend Music Fusion on a regular basis.'

Caroline Benson (Mum)
'Massive Respect to MusicFusion for all they do for young people. Their kind, sound principles and the safe space of their studio in Havant, changes these kids lives.'

Katie Davies (Mum)
'OMG - I cant thank you all enough for what you do. J. got so ill and Music Fusion is a massive part to keeping him well. Its like the diamonds in the ruff, its what keeps him going.'

Emma Tankard (Mum)
‘Music Fusion is a fantastic place for expressing yourself, building confidence, communication, a place and way to heal through expression of music, could not thank you enough for all the support, encouragement, motivation, belief in my son's inner skills and talents thank you all for the continuing support much appreciated.’

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