' carve your own path in music and life.'


Mavericks is a series of award winning albums, documentaries and live performances

Plus a network of young peoples recording studios across the UK

Our aim is to let young people know that they always have choices… other than crime and violence.

We help our young people to use their stories / music to help inspire others.

Mavericks is an award winning project designed to inform young people whose actions or behaviours have led to negative consequences for themselves and others, to make positive choices. Mavericks shows a path to a bigger picture, a better perspective. Led by our young people, the Mavericks Project sees success as a change in young people's ability to cope; that results in them being less likely to engage in harmful behaviours and a reduction in harmful behaviours over time.

Winner of the Seif, BiTC and Hal Leonard Europe awards for Social Action

As featured on BBC South Today, Radio 5 Live, Radio 4 (Today Programme). Articles in The News and The Guardian.

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