Words Not Weapons (Strong Choices 2013)

Working with 23 UK young HIP HOP artists, Music Fusion have recorded a high profile album entitled 'Words not Weapons - Strong Choices', including feature tracks from Mic Righteous, English Frank, Genesis Elijah, Logic and Nate. This is the second album where our top young MCs have worked together for one cause... to raise the profile of knife crime / improvised weapons in our community.

Jinx Prowse (Music Fusion CEO) said, "It is great to see our young people dedicate their time and energy to an issue which means so much to them. This is a unique project with young UK hip hop artists joining forces to make their communities a safer place."

The album has been recorded and produced at the East Street Studio and was launched May 2013. Music Fusion would like to thank our sponsors; EMI, Jobsite, Youth Music and Greggs.