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how you can help?

We are looking for talented and enthusiastic individuals who are prepared to give up their time to help support our young people in making their own music and discovering their talents

We can always use donated equipment and instruments, both for our own facilities and to give to the young people so that they can practice on their own time in their own homes

In these times of spending cuts it is always charities and the less fortunate that are hit first.
A regular donation to music fusion can help keep our facilities open and in working order so the young people we support can keep making the music they love.

Businesses are approached by good cause’s on a regular basis.

What is social enterprise?

What do these social enterprises need?
How can business support and benefit from a relationship with the 3rd sector?
What pathways exist to bring business and social enterprise together?

Enabling social enterprise to connect with business.

A platform for the 3rd sector to show their value to the private sector
An opportunity for business to understand the value of engaging with corporate social responsibility.
A pathway to pair up business with social enterprise needs.