Matty, whose stage name is Blessed, said: ‘It felt brilliant to be picked to perform at the Royal Albert Hall, me and Chloe were rehearsing for weeks – we were so excited. It was beyond words – not many people can say they have played there. The whole experience was so cool.’

The two teenagers performed to more than 1,000 people including VIPs such as the Prime Minister, James Corden and Joanna Lumley. There was even a recorded message from Prince Charles at the event endorsing the awards ceremony.Mr Prowse said: ‘It’s been a great experience for Chloe, Matty and everyone.

When we launched our first album at the Havant Spring centre we invited EMI and Jobsite. A lady from Business in the Community came and was astonished by some of the talent.’

The charity started in 2011 when they approached gangs in Fareham, Gosport, Leigh Park and Portsmouth about why they carried weapons.

Music Fusion encouraged them to end the feud and make music. The Words Not Weapons project has so far released two albums featuring Music Fusion members alongside five professional artists.